Overview of the Pavement Management System

The SMEC Pavement Management System (PMS) is a powerful database designed to store and easily access a large range of information relating to roads, paths and road inventory items existing in the road corridor.

The PMS is a planning tool that is able to model pavement and surface deterioration due to the effects of traffic and environmental ageing.

It can be used to determine long-term maintenance funding requirements and to examine the consequences on network condition if insufficient funding is available.

The PMS is capable of producing accounting reports for asset replacement costs, current written down valuation, and depreciation.

The system produces multi-year works programs that are optimized to maintain the network in the best condition for the smallest amount of money.

Optimization considers road user costs, agency routine maintenance costs and asset depreciation costs.

The SMEC Pavement Management System:

- uses HDM deterioration models
- undertakes full life cycle analysis of treatment options
- optimises the works program across the road network based on either budget constraints or target level of service goals
- integrates with GIS
- support SQL Server databases
- includes a flexible report writer
- incorporates financial modelling
- is an ideal tool for producing long term asset management plans

To learn more about SMEC Pavement Management System, you can download the file here :
SMEC Asset Management Overview

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